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Our dedicated team of highly skilled manufacturers utlitize the latest version of Siemens NX cad/cam software to produce parts from simple 2D profiles all the way to complex 3D multi-surfaced models on our 5-axis machining center.  We can accommodate work pieces up to 50 x 24" and 1700 pounds.



Certa Craft's turning capabilities allow for parts with diameters from 1/8" up to 22" and lengths up to 60".  Our use of multi-axis machines, live tooling and bar feeding system allows us to ensure delivery of high quality, complex parts at competitive costs and quicker turn times.


workshop with fire

Some of our in-house fabrication processes include mig/tig welding of steel, metal and aluminum, sheer and punch capabilities and plasma cutting. We also have manual mills and lathes and an automatic horizontal bandsaw.


Milling of the various icons on sheet me

Certa Craft is uniquely positioned to offer many other additional services thanks to our trusted network of local manufacturing partners. These services include hard chrome plating, zinc & cadmium plating, or electroless nickel plating, heat-treating, anodizing, various types of coating and engraving.


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